The Last Children of Down Syndrome

Dear Jacob, what’s your take on this article? Gimme something.


Hi Daniel,

I’m disgusted by the reality of what a functional feminist society actually looks like. Technology, wealth, and state bureaucracy all cooperating in such a way as to target woman and sacrifice her womb and children in the name of reducing suffering. The womb is sacred. There is something deeply unholy and unnatural about poking and prodding around so that murder might gain legitimacy under the auspices of science and the betterment of mankind. We have turned our women into walking science experiments in exchange for free sex and comfort. The eugenists of yesterday would be proud at how desensitized we have become to it all.

Regarding the subject itself, I have no extensive exposure to children with disabilities. I have no children. I’m not even married so I don’t understand the difficulties of that yet. It’s easy for me to read this and not process the hard realities of having a child with a disability.

My only reference point in caring for someone with a disability is Bob Kaplowitz. I love him deeply. But he makes it easy to love him. I know that some men who have cared for him haven’t loved him. From what I’ve heard those men were miserable while doing it and they carry that misery with them in whatever they do. If it’s true that love covers a multitude of sins it must also be true that love covers a multitude of sufferings.

After reading the article I can only think that suffering from God is and has to be better than all the cruel mercies of the wicked. And that without love for God loving anyone becomes perverted.


I would encourage everyone to give the article a read, despite its length. It is a remarkably sensitive look at the topic given the fact that it is written up in a liberal taste-making magazine. The author pokes at quite a few of the important questions and paradoxes that selective abortion give rise to, but she doesn’t have the language or the moral categories to untie the knots. I’m glad that The Atlantic devoted a cover story to the topic, and I’m glad that the resultant article wasn’t just cheerleading for “choice.”


Yes, this was my take on things as well; thank you for raising these points. A little more on The Atlantic’s story:

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