The kindness of the Lord: vacuum cleaners save the day (17)

New Warhorn Media post by Tim Bayly:

I have a hard time imagining being that kind of jackass to a pastor. I know we’re all sinners, of course, but how do you get that idea and then actually schedule a meeting, and say that out loud, and with zero research, apparently?

I know we have a couple people in our church who have gotten the idea that they need to speak very stridently and forcefully in congregational settings to prevail, and I’ve seen them announce a complete misunderstanding a couple of times. I suppose they might act that way behind closed doors, too.

My other thought: vacuuming the church is a wonderful, meditative way to serve, and a church always seems to need one more vacuum that performs well. A pastor who can help with that is a gift!

If you go back some episodes in this series, you’ll find another chapter in which an elder makes the same threat—this time in front of the entire elders board. It happened twice, once in each parish.

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Random question. Do you have any strong opinions about favorite vacuum cleaners? I’m in the market. :wink:

There’s nothing even close to a central vac for quiet and stupendous suction. It will never really break. You might have to change the motor in thirty years, but it’s a simple job. Use it for a serious cleaning.

Then, also get a small hand-held cordless for normal cleaning. Very convenient.

Then, if you have a fair amount of carpet, buy a used Oreck for $50 (FB Marketplace, Craig’s List, Goodwill, etc). You may have to clean it or change a belt to get it running, but it’s very simple to do so. These things run forever and are very light to use.

Then keep a wet vac out in the garage to help with cars and flooding emergencies or spot-carpet cleaning using water and soap.

I’ve spent $150 on (new) cordless hand vac (Tineco), $25 on lots of Orecks (which vanish when our kids come over for a visit) and $75 on (new) garage-kept wet vac.

I’ve kept my eye on robots through the years and read and watched many reviews of them and the various Dyson cordless vacs. Everything Dyson does is insanely expensive, so I go cheap (Tineco isn’t the only brand) and lack a small amount of suction power and hipness.

If I didn’t have a central vac, I’d still be happy with something like the combination above. Love,