The kindness of the Lord (20)

New Warhorn Media post by Tim Bayly:

I wish we knew what the response to Bishop Taylor was from women who used wetnurses-- that is, the wealthiest and vainest women in the diocese. A brave man.


What is a public sin against the church?

Public as opposed to private. Public sin is seen or announced, and thus a matter of public scandal within the body of Christ. Public, somewhat public, private (between husband and wife alone, for instance), and personal (an individual self-confesses) are all aspects of sin which pastors and elders take into account in pastoral care and informal and formal discipline. Love,

Actually, at the time he wrote on the Christian’s duty to nurse their own child, Bishop Taylor had not yet been elevated to Bishop and was serving as chaplain to the Earl of Carbery. In other words, his call at the time was to the wealthy. Love,