The Grace of Shame: correcting a serious misrepresentation

New Warhorn Media post by Tim Bayly:


One minor error, the first hyperlink in your article takes you to Church Reformed, not The Grace of Shame.

Otherwise, excellent points. Although it may be unfortunately unusual for an Amazon review, if someone disagrees with you, they should show why you’re wrong. Bare assertion proves nothing.

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Thanks, corrected it.

I appreciate this thoughtful response. I have a friend to whom I’ve been ministering concerning effeminacy, being a leader in his household, and becoming a father. He is precisely the kind of man who will make the kind of objection this reviewer attempted to make (in fact, I checked to see if the reviewer in question was my friend, even though I know he hasn’t read this book yet).

I’ve found that raising the issue of the sin of effeminacy has a particular effect on men my age (much like raising the issue of the sin of voluntary childlessness) not so much because of what it prohibits but because it includes a positive dimension that is repugnant to the millennial individualist; that is, “Don’t be effeminate, which means act like a man, which means you need to conduct yourself in such a way as this: …”