The Future Of Our Fight For Life

New Warhorn Media post by Lucas Weeks:

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Talk about timely. Our major pro-life organizations are opposed to the criminalization of abortion.

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Where is the Trump “Wrong” gif when I need it.

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Because this will be the issue we must defend and help our brothers see, does anyone have any helpful resources on the topic?

Such as:
Any court cases of women being criminally charged before Roe?

What types of charges might be the best to argue for? (i.e. Conspiracy to Commit Murder, Accessory to Murder, etc.)

Historic arguments?

Moral and religious arguments, sermons, or commentary?

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There is no record (to my knowledge) of women being charged with a crime for abortion in America. Women were considered “accomplices” by the law in some 20 states, but it appears these statutes were never enforced.

Since most abortions are now carried out via chemicals without a “hit man,” the would-be mother is more directly responsible for slaughtering her child than ever. To fail to prosecute women is to keep abortion legal.

Here is a pro-life establishment article surveying some of the history and bragging about how reasonable they are.


Thanks for the podcast.

There’s so much that can be said. Being so used to losing, I am still hesitant to say anything before the opinion is issued, but will go ahead anyway.

I learned from Joe Sobran that we got Roe thanks to expanding federal power and centralization, including Supreme Court decisions used for good ends, such as the famous civil rights cases. As states’ rights were eroded, our ability to self govern was usurped. Substantive due process and the equal protection clause have been used to justify so much legal mischief.

Whenever conservative justices would be nominated, they would wax elephant about their commitment to precedent in order to avoid being Borked. None of us were really sure what we were getting. I tended to take a pessimistic view, that these justices would never pull the trigger on Roe. I am happy to be proved wrong and the Federalist Society vindicated.

I also assumed that because of precedent that undoing Roe would be a big job, requiring unraveling other prior cases such as Griswold. Justice Alito has been careful to make clear he will not do this. Again, Im happy to be wrong. Overjoyed. The Court will give us a one-off victory and leave the rest of their awful tyrannical jurisprudence. I will take what I can get.

Finally, our humility in the face of undeserved victory should lead us also to say that the incrementalists won this one for us. The mainstream pro-life organizations’ strategy of electing Republicans and appointing Federalist Society judges paid off in the long run, despite several setbacks. They fooled us all those times, except this time.

Had the rabble rousing abolitionists executed their strategy of state defiance of the Supreme Court, you would have gotten a constitutional crisis, a federal and woke capital crackdown, ending with a likely loss due to lack of planning. Its not enough to want to take the castle; you have to be able to pull it off. We are about to find out how little desire there really is, even in red states, to restrict abortion. It will continue to be an incremental fight. I don’t like it, but see no other realistic alternative.

Further, conscientious Christians who could not support President Trump should be able to admit that those of us who did roll the dice and vote for him brought about this result. Of course the modern evangelical Erasmuses lack integrity and will continue to shame the deplorables for our unforgiveable vote for the Orange Man, but lucky for them the victory belongs to all of us whether we helped or not. God brought it about in His Providence so that no one could boast.

Thanks are due to Senator McConnell, as well.


Ok one more…

The man on the street’s reaction to this ruling will, in God’s Providence, be shaped by two years of Covid mandates, which make clear that “My Body My Choice” is an empty nihilistic slogan that leaves us with no society at all and no protection for human life or the greater good. Covid has taught the man on the street what Christians could not, or did not.

Those Christians who have decided to focus their fury on masks will find themselves in a tougher spot to respond to the railing feminists, now. We can hope for some recalibration on their part.


I haven’t listened to the podcast, but my guess is that not much will change in a post-Roe world. The most visually grotesque forms of abortion may be outlawed in many states, but early-term/chemical abortion will continue because there is not much will among the population to make it illegal.

Overruling Roe would still be worthwhile, however, simply for reducing how many times five out of nine people in robes have ignored plain wording and clear constitutional principles to impose their lofty wisdom on the rest of us citizens.

We talk extensively about this, and it’s a major part of the work being done on a book about abortion among Evangel men.


Denny Burk’s take. Not Impressed.