The Energy Bill 2023 and the Fusion of Technology and Law

If you want to know what comes next after the administrative state, this is a great little article to read, using a UK law as its starting point.

This is the end game in a technopoly.


Excellent read. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for sharing this. I share the author’s discomfort with a lot of this. I’ve been pondering lately on the idea of a tool having its own ends, which I think is territory we have gone over here. It seems obvious to me that this is part of the end of tools like Internet of Things. In 1649, there was no possible way for King Charles I or his men to chase around the countryside monitoring when women did their washing. But now King Charles III’s men can get a dumb computer to watch it for him. There is already a level of monitoring on ordinary citizens that is pretty shocking when you consider the amount of privacy we had even 20 years ago.


This is such an important concept.

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