The coward's climb

Originally published at: The coward's climb - Warhorn Media

Alex Honnold is a coward?

This hits close to home. As a young man, there seemed to be no great deeds to be done, so I and a friend made a habit of foolishly (and illegally) climbing some towers and buildings under construction, since we live in Florida and there are no mountains here and I thought life was boring as a single man with no immediate marriage prospects. There really was a desire to do hard things and be challenged at the bottom of it, but channeled foolishly. Thankfully, God directed me to jail ministry and eventually provided for my marriage and family, where my taste for doing hard things is more than fulfilled, and my recklessness is more or less harnessed. Unfortunately, my climbing partner does not seem to have moved much beyond our youthful folly. The desire to do something manly in young men is so easily twisted into foolish and sinful ends.


Jail ministry, marriage, and family. Talk about something that’ll really make you sweat and put your heart in your throat.