The biblical doctrine of burial

New Warhorn Media post by Tim Bayly:


I see the below words from the preview of the link, but I don’t see these words in the article upon following the link.

Thank you, Pastor Tim, for speaking on a topic that long became unimportant to too many christians. A few generations back believers were very clear about cremation - an unbiblical, pagan practice.

Burial has always been the practice of Christians testifying to God our Creator Who made us one with our bodies. Thus the bodies of the dead are precious. Our bodies are ourselves.

This is very important. Our bodies are important beyond our death. Christ had marks from His crucifixion. This also puts things like tattoos into perspective - who wants stupid drawings on his new glorified, spiritual body??

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You are a great help in this work through your encouragement. The issue of what our bodies will be like is something I’ve often thought abt, but have no conclusions. Seems in some ways same and in other ways different. We will be able to recognize each other, though. Love,