Thanks for the feedback! Now here are the changes

(Lucas Weeks) #1

Thank you to all our @Settlers who participated in our private vs public poll! We appreciate the feedback, and the helpful discussion, very much. So here’s what we’ve decided to do:

  1. Warhorn Media Comments has been renamed. It is now The Public Square. All posts in the Public Square are public. Warhorn Media posts automatically create topics in the Public Square. Additionally, Sanityville Citizens may post topics in this category for public discussion. If you are not a Sanityville citizen, you will be able to comment on any post in the Public Square, but you will not be able to create new topics for discussion.
  2. The Town Square is now Hrothgar’s Hall. This category is private, and only Citizens can see what’s in Hrothgar’s Hall. Any Sanityville Citizen may comment or post new topics for discussion. If you haven’t already applied for Sanityville citizenship, please click on the button titled “Request” right here.

Thanks again for all your input. We’ve got another post about Sanityville going up on Warhorn Media next week. You should also start seeing some more integration between Sanityville and next week. We hope to launch publicly soon after that.

Sanityville is *not* a private site?
Can't get in to the town square