Sunday vs Monday for a pastor

‘That is true,’ said Jack. 'An action clears your mind amazingly, for the moment; but afterwards the black dog comes down. The butcher’s bill, the funerals, the men’s widows to write to, the mess to be cleared up, the knotting and splicing, the pumping - you feel done up, hipped, as flat as ditch-water; though there is more to it than that.

From the Mauritius Command by Patrick O’Brian


“Action” means battle.

I think these 19 novels are the very best, most entertaining, most illuminating in the dynamics of a utterly non-erotic love between two men over a lifetime that I have ever read. My wife and I have read through all of them - reading out loud to one another - twice, and if our Lord grants me time for it, we’ll do so a third time.

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I bought the first one a couple weeks ago. This is a good reminder to get into it.

Makes me wonder if some of the experiences we can tend to think are unique to pastoral ministry aren’t actually all that unique? More to do with leadership or even human experience than just ministry maybe?


A proverb from the North of England goes, “Nowt so queer as folk” (=nothing so strange as people). This is a key thing to remember for ministry, but it applies outside ministry as well.