Statement on sphere authority, worship, and Covid-19 quarantines

New Warhorn Media post by Tim Bayly:


This is very helpful. Thank you.


This is an excellent statement.

Several folks on my “side” have made comments to the effect that the state may never instruct the church what to do, or tell the church to refrain from meeting. That strikes me as bonkers.

I’m not good with Bible references, but I remember that when God judged Judah, and they were led captive to Babylon, it was said that the land would be granted a Sabbath rest that the land had been denied when the Jews dwelled there. I’ve thought of that with respect to the virus. Is God giving our harried land a time of rest? Is this part of what He wants us to do now, to reflect on what we have denied Him, namely our time? Our lack of rest? Our materialism and our love of possessions?

There will be much to reflect on going forward. But even in the midst of calamity, God is gracious and merciful to us.