Star Wars Prelude

(Nathan ) #1

New Warhorn Media post by Nathan Alberson:

(Caleb Starr) #2

I’m a huge Star Wars fan so I’m greatly looking forward to you guys reviewing all of the movies. So far I’m in general agreement with what you’ve said. Before Rogue One was made, Return of the Jedi was my favorite of the movies. I enjoy the prequels as well. Confession: I like Jar Jar a lot.

(Nathan Smith) #3

I look forward to hearing your takes on Star Wars. I’ll say at the outset though, I really don’t like Star Wars except for the first film, A New Hope. Also I haven’t seen the new ones except for the Han Solo movie. So I guess I will have to defer judgment until my sons are a little older. But I expect to dislike them.

(Eric Wilson) #4

Bradon and Jake had the correct analogy. McNuggets

(Matt Robison) #5

I really wish I could have loved Rogue One, like everyone seems too. I was just incredibly bored by it. Couldn’t remember most of the characters names, nor did I care. Points of conflicts that just dissolved without any true resolution, like deflated balloons. Dumb CGI reconstructions of Tarkin and Leia.

The Vader scene was awesome but…it just didn’t belong? It was meant to make all the fans cheer and clap…at a time immediately after all of the main protagonists had just died. Just a confused mess.

Looking forward to the episodes. I was about as much of a Star Wars fan as you could be, and I think this whole Disney Wars thing would be better off forgotten. Such a squandered opportunity.

The Force Awakens was well-made fan-fiction (complete with a Mary Sue) that was predictable, but it oozed a sort of love for the franchise. I gave it a B- at the time. The Last Jedi actually makes The Force Awakens worse and drops it a whole letter grade.

Solo was really, really dumb…but honestly it’s my favorite of the new films

(Matt Shifflett) #6

or #baconjake

(Zachary McDonald) #7

Went to watch the Clone Wars with my kids because of how much y’all talked it up and just realized they took it off of Netflix. :sob:

(Zak Carter) #8

For as dumb and fan-servicey The Force Awakens was, I agree it could have been an ok stepping stone into the new trilogy if The Last Jedi wasn’t so terrible. I was hoping they would fix the Mary Sue problem by having Rey lose all her connection with the force after the Kylo fight in TFA. Explain it by saying that Kylo’s turn to the dark side and Luke’s absence brought so much imbalance to the force that the force literally had to just pick some random person to restore balance. Then have TLJ be about Rey having to start from scratch and learn everything from Luke. It would still just basically be a rip off if Empire, but at least it would make sense in-universe.