Snap end-of-life decisions vs. the fear of God

Sad story:

From the article:

Relatives of Lewis said medical officials removed him from life support on the morning of July 4 after the victim learned the bullet caused catastrophic damage and he would likely need a ventilator for the rest of his life… “If I have to live like this, pull the plug please. Seriously,” he spelled out, his family said.

What stuck out to me was that he reportedly requested to be removed from assistive technology after only three days in the hospital.

Suffering patients at a time like this are very vulnerable to doctors’ (and others’) presentation of the situation. I’ve thought many times about Adam Spaetti’s seminar on biblical ethics and euthanasia, where he said regarding the related issue of living wills,

I know good and well that the boxes they’ve checked on the living will are entirely dependent on how either the lawyer or the doctor–whoever explained it or did not explain it to them–chose their words.

Did the young man in the article have a pastor, elder, family member, or friend warning him to fear God and helping him to apply biblical principles? Likely not. Another soul going into eternity unprepared, making emotional decisions based on visceral reactions instead of soberly and in the fear of God.

Several years ago now I made transcripts of the sessions of the 2015 Clearnote Pastors Conference, “The Last Enemy”, of which the late Dr. Spaetti’s “Biblical ethics and euthanasia” seminar was a part. I can’t find that I ever published those transcripts anywhere, so here’s the transcript for Dr. Spaetti’s seminar, just posted:

That post will eventually have links to the other sessions from that conference as I’m able to get them posted. Take a look and see how helpful this material is!


This is really helpful. Thank you for posting it.

Praising God for Dr Spaetti’s passion for serving God through his medical work, and praying for his widow, his children, and his fellow elders as they all live without his strength and guidance.


God had many reasons for Adam to be here with us - and these seminars are without a doubt one of the most important.

He and I met when I was trying to fight my way through the babble of doctors and give pastoral counsel to a family dealing with a woman in a coma on a ventilator. His counsel and help has never left me. If you haven’t listened to these - go do it right now. Don’t delay. That is a snap decision you will not regret.