Settler poll #1

(Joseph Bayly) #1

Hi @Settlers,

We hope you’re loving the early access version of the site. It’s time to start earning your pay. :wink: We’ve got a couple of really quick poll questions as we plan for the future of this community. Depending on how this goes, I’m hoping to do a few more of these in the coming days.

Which of our podcasts do you make a habit of listening to (when they're available)?

  • Sound of Sanity
  • The World We Made
  • Practical Ecclesiology
  • Monumental
  • The Bookening

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Were you aware that Sanityville is a fictional location in our Sound of Sanity podcast?

  • Yes
  • No

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(Kelly) #2

I’m a sucker for a poll. :upside_down_face:

I don’t listen to Practical Ecclesiology unless the subject catches my interest. There’s a good bit there that seems specifically geared towards pastors/church leadership, and that’s not me. :slight_smile: Everything else, though, I listen to, with varying levels of enthusiasm. The Bookening is my favorite.

(Caleb Starr) #3

The World We Made is my favorite, followed closely by Sound of Sanity and Practical Ecclesiology.

(Alex McNeilly) #4

I have a good friend across the country whom I introduced to WHM. His favorites are SoS and Practical Ecclesiology.

(Ben Emery) #5

The world we made was my gateway drug. Listen to SOS and bookening as they come out as well as catching up on older episodes. Just started Practical Ecclesiology from the beginning. Honestly didn’t know Monumental existed

(Eric Wilson) #6

So now I’m curious what the actual statistics are for these five podcasts – it may give useful information regarding how the sanity site community differs from the larger WarHornVerse

(b3k) #7

I bet it lines up pretty well. As the results are now, I think the results line up with the expected side of the target audience (accounting for the fact that audiences for podcasts and Reformed theology skew toward men, demographically). PE leads over TB, because more people go to church than read important fiction.

(Jake) #8

PE is far and away our smallest show. TWWM, Sanity, Bookening, Monumental, PE.

(Joseph Bayly) #9

Yep. Because of what @per.ardua said.

(Kelly) #10

I’m surprised that The Bookening isn’t bigger. It’s the best show you put out, in my opinion. (SOS is quickly catching up)

(Joseph Bayly) #11

It depends on how you measure. Monthly listeners SoS is higher. Monthly downloads, the Bookening is higher.

(I think the reason for that is that if you decide to listen to the Bookening on some book, it’s going to mean several episodes of listening.)

(Scott Tibbs) #12

I always listen to The World We Made, and others I pick and choose - most often Practical Ecclesiology and Sound of Sanity. I do not use an app as I have a $30 basic MP3 player rather than using my phone. More convenient that way.

(Jedidiah Lawson) #13

I listen have listened to all of Sound of Sanity and The World We Made and I’m working through The Bookening. The Bookening is harder because I stop anytime there may be spoilers for a book I haven’t read lol

(Kelly) #14

Yes, I skip ones I’m planning on reading and come back to them later. Sometimes much later, haha! Still keep meaning to read Anna Karenina someday…

(Joseph Bayly) #15

I should have had a “none” option on the first question. Oops.

(David Burchard) #16

The World We Made is my favorite.

Then the Bookening, but there are episodes I don’t listen to if the book looks particularly boring.

I listen to most Sound of Sanity episodes.

I’ve listened to a couple PE.