Science Videos for Kids

For homeschooling, what science curriculum do you all use?

Seems there’s not much in the way of an anti-evolution but age-of-the-earth agnostic approach.

Moody has some good old, old videos out there. But what do you like?

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I use the Sonlight science curriculum for grades below high school. They have a balance of secular books, intelligent design material, and young earth creation books. I am not impressed with the latter but have my kids read them so they will understand what many of the other homeschool kids they meet are taught. For high school, my preference is to use secular textbooks. A publishing scientist and intelligent design advocate once told me the best way to be convinced against evolution was to read the arguments of the evolutionists. I am of the firm opinion that the newer generation of Disney movies are much more likely to lead a child away from the faith than a science textbook.


Spot on.

Meyer and Berlinski are pretty good at showing the ridiculousness of darwinism. Once you see it, you’re pretty well inoculated against the secular textbook’s bias.

So maybe have the kid understand how ridiculous it is, and then let them loose on the college-level texts.

I’m an old-earth guy but very much think darwinian evolution is bull**** – but most curriculum I’ve found so far is young earth. Thanks for the recommendation!

Do you have any recommendations for old earth creation books? We are reading young earth creation and Darwinian evolution books right now with my older two. I know old creationism ideas exist but I have no idea how they explain anything.

I doubt you will ever find such except from expressly Christian production companies. Any and everything else routinely dumps a boat load of incense at the altar of the Evolution god.

Sometimes it gets funny. Last night my lovely bride and I were watching a survey documentary (12-episodes) of the geography and geology of Africa. It was meant to entertain as much as to educate (which it did passably well for both purposes). Of course it laid out as proven facts that this happened 3 million years ago, or that happened 250 million years ago, while these other things happened 100 million, or 500 million years ago, and so on.

What made it funny is the internal contradictions of the narrator’s proclamations about the passage of time and what happened and when. If the poor narrator knew even the simplest arithmetic, he couldn’t have avoided the hilarious contradictions in his own script. He must have rehearsed his script dozens of times (this would be normal), and the contradictions should have emerged to his notice from that alone!

But this is a case of the bad boys having all the best toys. I am amazed at the advances in nature photography in my lifetime. It’s what makes David Attenborough’s work so entertaining. You often ask yourself, “How did they photograph that?” And, indeed, it is photography that is not only technically amazing, but entertaining as well.

The pagans know how to adorn their devilish doctrines with good works.


Does BioLogos have anything?

Haven’t checked as they tend to be libs I don’t want to support.

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Especially on the time aspects of the Evolution worshipers. Too many statements in Scripture pretty much shut the reader up to what’s known today as the “young-earth” view of chronology in Genesis.

If you toss the young earth reading of Genesis, you must set forth interpretation after interpretation of Genesis in order to “reconcile” Genesis to the contemporary evolutionary views of the cosmos, how long it’s been around, where it came from, etc.


One of my pastors recommends muting Attenborough’s Planet Earth series and playing worship music as its soundtrack.


We use the Apologia Science curriculum and like it a lot. Every textbook is titled “Exploring Creation with…” but it’s more about being amazed at the world God made than about origins apologetics. There’s very little about the age of the earth in any of the books we’ve completed so far, although they generally do come from a young earth perspective.

We supplement the books with science videos on Youtube so that we can see some of the things we’re reading about. Some of our favorites for elementary zoology are Brave Wilderness and BlueWorldTV, for example. I agree that as long as you teach your kids the fundamentals that the world was created by God, the denials in secular textbooks or videos ring hollow.


Sorry I read through too quickly and just realized you were the original poster looking for materials yourself, lol!

For the elementary years we have really enjoyed these books:
-Madame How Lady Why (Kingsley) He was a friend and proponent of Darwin, but this book is mainly focused on geology.
-The Storybook of Science (Fabre) He was also a contemporary of Darwin but firmly opposed his ideas.

-The Mystery of the Periodic Table (Wiker & Be dick)
-The Sea Around Us-Young Readers Edition (Carson) -evolutionary
-It Couldn’t Just Happen (Richards)-young earth

When i was in high school, my Christian school teachers used Jay Wile’s chemistry and physics curriculum. I remember it being very good. It really helped me learn chemistry and physics. I took what I learned into university.

I used to check on Dr. Wile’s blog. He is a blessing to the church.

Edit: Dr. Jay Wile is the primary author for the “Exploring Creation With…” curriculum.


Dr. Wile wrote several of the textbooks, but Apologia has expanded a lot since I was in high school and used his books. For our elementary kids we’ve mostly used the books by Jeannie Fulbight.