Russ Moore and Prince Harry

New Warhorn Media post by Tim Bayly:


On a not-unrelated note, Albert Mohler has put his hat in the ring to be the next SBC President:

The Way Forward for the Southern Baptist Convention: A Very Personal Word from Albert Mohler -

The result here will be a good indicator of the lie of the land within the SBC as a whole, thought I think they are as bitterly divided as anyone.

Mohler stands a good chance of winning. It’s been reported that one of the unnamed villains of Russell Moore’s sob sister letter was Mike Stone, who is also a candidate. Being attacked by Moore helps Stone’s candidacy among the SBC right wing. It shows he is effective. Whether it is enough to win over the mushy middle is another story. If a second conservative resurgence is successful, however, it seems that Stone would have to get some of the credit. Evidently his maneuvering behind the scenes helped push Moore out, and got him angry enough to burn bridges on his way out. No mean feat.

To Ben:
Well, “keep your friends close and your enemies closer”!