Revoice: justice delayed is justice denied

New Warhorn Media post by Tim Bayly:

One faithful pastor in that presbytery. May God bless him.


I saw this shared yesterday. Thought I’d post it here. I also came across Jon Payne’s article from December. I took some moments to skim through some of the videos on the Revoice YT channel to hear from the horse’s mouth. Words used: welcoming, queer community, sexual minorities, Jesus doesn’t require me to change my attractions to follow him. In this video, a man gives his “testimony” basically stating that he forsook his wife, moved in with other male roommates, was welcomed into a PCA church, and doesn’t have to worry about his dying his hair or painting his nails making people uncomfortable. Very sad. It reinforces for me the sinfulness of effeminacy. One thing I notice among these types of people is that they think/speak of sin in largely emotional and psychological ways, not moral. Which is to say, their concern is how they are affected, not the glory of God.


At this point, we should be seeing people moving out of the Missouri PCA in droves, if they haven’t left already. Are we?

No, and it was never going to happen. People are what they eat and the absence of discipline or any significant departure from the presbytery or denomination proves what they’ve been eating, which in turns proves how the seminary trained them, which in turn proves how the PCA church planting arm, MNA, evaluated and hired them. The PCA has always been Revoice, protests to the contrary by a very few notwithstanding. Love,


So, would it be fair to say that the rot was there even before Revoice had come on the scene?

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