Revoice: Greg Johnson and Richard Lovelace

New Warhorn Media post by Tim Bayly:


Thanks Tim. It is so encouraging to have you champion this work. As you well know, none of these things are quick or easy to write and they are generally ignored by many. Your clear and consistent witness on sexuality and the rise of Revoice has been so helpful to me personally as I studied the issues and people for myself. It feels only natural for it to come full circle with a writeup on Warhorn.


No, it’s my privilege, dear brother. BTW, just posted an audio recording at the top of the post. Audio isn’t the best for such a footnoted text filled with citations (which I couldn’t include), but many will listen who wouldn’t read, so it’s worth the tradeoffs. Warmly in Christ,


The audio reading is a great idea. Thanks for doing that.

I am in the middle of doing an audio recording of the entire Little Leaven paper currently. If I can ever get over a lingering cold that threw a wrench in that process, maybe we can get that online soon too.