Redux: Just desserts

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Rerelease of Just desserts.


A teaser of a name if there ever was one…


Yep, from beginning to end I was waiting for Stu to get shot. And the start of the episode definitely planted that idea in my head.


It was the only way. We’re in the endgame now.


So I started listening to SOS shortly before the “Chip Off the Old Block” episode. I got about 10 minutes in before shutting it off thinking something along the lines of “what the heck is this grown up adventures in odyssey?”

That being said, with a little SOS under my beltand with the re-release which included a bit of helpful context I’m loving every second of it.

So I’m not sure what the plans are in terms of episodic storytelling like this going forward but I would definitley do this every time leading up to the end of a saga. If you hadn’t i would have (to my own shame) continued skipping them all


A consistent comparison, but this is the first time I’ve heard it used negatively.


Yeah it kind of developed organically, and we figured people needed an entry point. We’ll keep working on how to allow for good entry points in the future :smile:


Not negative at all (my kids listen to Odyssey often in fact). I meant it more in terms of the surprise of wondering whether I had accidentally clicked on the wrong podcast or something haha… I just came into it so cold.

But like I said, not a knock. Content is great. Took me through the whole gamut of emotions in this last one. Just trying to make the point @nathanalbersonjust mentioned which is the need for an entry point for new listeners.

I’m sure that there will come a point where that becomes less and less necessary, and maybe not at all, but I dont think it’s quite there.

Keep up the good work brothers. I’ve had to whittle down my podcast playlist significantly in the past couple of years and then I discovered Warhorn Media and you’ve taken up about 2/3 of it now!


This episode is definitely my favorite of the three rereleases. The overlapping conversations at the dinner table: :ok_hand:

But I’m :100: expecting the Christmas episodes to win top prize. Can’t wait!!


It snuck up on us, but the progression of how it developed is pretty simple.

  1. Three guys in a room talk about what makes Christians feel crazy
  2. Three guys in a room want to cut down on the banter while still keeping a good sense of humor and a light touch. Sketches are born. Sketches are funny, often have a point, and always have a purpose. With the sketches come characters.
  3. Three guys in a room want to be helpful beyond reacting to the latest garbage from TGC, and also want to do some fun things around holidays—a break from normal eps. They realize they’ve got some fun characters to play with and they can tell stories. The saga is born.

The future is we’ll stick to the same basic schedule. A movie a month. A saga ep around a holiday. Regular eps between. We’ve been talking about ways to create more on ramps for people and we’ll keep trying to do a better job of that, like Nathan said.

Two part finale next week!!!


Yes! It was hysterical yet tragic. PLEASE-just pass the man some butter! :astonished: (I imagine that must have been fun to write and act out!)
Also, yes, a grown-up Adventures in Odyssey is exactly what I was thinking of. I loved listening to that as a child (and I’ll still happily listen if I happen to come across it on the radio). Each saga episode gets better and better.