Red Pill and MGTOW: the state of our disunion (I)

New Warhorn Media post by Tim Bayly:

I read Reforming Marriage shortly before I was married, and have read it again since, a few times. I read it later last year.

I had underlined the line that said marriage problems were the husband’s responsibility. I underlined it because I thought it was garbage. A pastor at the time - Steve Hussung, Richmond Baptist Church - helped me understand my error. At least in part.

I try now. But I still slip into that ugly mindset. I teach my sons to take responsibility for problems they see around them even if they aren’t problems of their own making. Of course I try in my marriage, on my better days.


We all slip into that mindset. Thanks for the comment. Hope it’s helpful. Love,

This has always seemed easy to me. If God doesn’t accept Adam’s “This woman you gave me” arguments then I can’t be red pilled or MGTOW. Our work is now fruitless work by the curse of the fall. We usually think agrarian but why would it not also extend to Husband/Wife relationship?


Reading the post, I think of the man in our church who has suffered through a divorce. While he has been wronged, this man is not MGTOW. He’s about the business of rebuilding his life. His recovery and restoration is due to the counseling of Pastors Spurgeon and Bayly.

It’s an encouragement for all of us.