Reading My Children's Book, Princess Hiccup

Since all of the cool kids were doing it, I put up a reading of my own children’s book for COVID quarantine. It will allow you to burn about 8 minutes out of the day.


Wow! Great book! Just bought the kindle version for the iPad.


Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for the feedback and buy.

I’ve tried to kickstart another one (have it written and everything) but it failed. So now I’ve been learning to draw for the past few years. I figured in about 10 more years I won’t be embarrassed by my scratchings.


Nicely done.

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Thanks for posting!

What was your experience like writing this book and getting it published? I’m working on a children’s book that I have finished writing and am (slowly) finishing illustrating.

This is technically self-published, though I raised the funds to get it illustrated via Kickstarter. I managed everything from start to finish. If you are illustrating it yourself, I imagine your experience will be much different.

The children’s book market is crowded, and I never really even tried to get an agent or publisher. If you don’t illustrate it yourself, they take complete control over the look and design of the book, and have their own pool of illustrators to pull from. I wanted more control.

Probably easier for the author/illustrator.


I enjoyed it.

“I thought it was pretty cool” - my 9 year old.

I’ll show it to the others later.

How did you get the idea?

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We enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing.

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