Put Sanity on your phone's home screen

(Jon Swerens) #1

To easily get to Sanityville, you can save its web address to your iPhone home screen as an icon. It’ll look just like an app. Here’s what you do:

  1. Go to the Sanityville home page.

  2. Click on the Share button at the bottom (see image).

  1. Scroll through the bottom row and click the Add to Home Screen button (see image).

  1. Find the Sanityville icon on your home screen (see image).


(Caleb Starr) #2

Any idea for those of us who don’t have Apple phones?

(Joseph Bayly) #3

Try this and let us know how it goes:

(Caleb Starr) #4

It works great. Super easy. I’m posting this reply from my phone