Pulpit Supply

My family and I have moved back to the US to be closer to our parents. I’m on sabbatical in central Indiana till June. I’m going to start looking for a church to pastor very soon (ideally broadly Reformed and baptistic), but for the time being I thought I’d offer here to do pulpit supply.

So, if you’re within a reasonable travel distance (5 hours or so?) of central Indiana and you’re interested in a week off preaching, I’d be happy to join you for a Sunday.

If you’d need to internet stalk my preaching style, here are a couple links:



My email is aaron.prelock@gmail.com (I don’t yet have a US cell phone number). I’d be happy to hear from you.


May I commend Aaron to you? Take a Sunday off. He’ll feed your sheep. I’m privileged to have him helping with a session of our class on pastoral care right now in New Geneva Academy. Aaron did his dissertation on the unique emphases of Owen’s pastoral care. I hope the men of Evangel Presbytery, especially, will get to know him and help in Aaron, Kate, and their children’s reentry to the States after years in the UK. Love,