Presbyterian book of common prayer

Is there anything close to a Presbyterian version of the book of common prayer? The closest I’ve found is this

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I used to know an eclectic Baptist who had a copy of the PCUSA’s Book of Common Worship on his shelf. I never looked at it, so I don’t know how old or how helpful of a book it was.

The CREC has its Can’t Sing Christi.

My dad has a copy of an old hymnal, published maybe in the 50s or 60s, that I think was the official hymnal of the Evangelical and Reformed Churches, later the UCC. It has some set liturgies, the Te Deum, the Magnificat, Nunc Dimittis, the usual fixin’s.


I’d just use something close to Cranmer’s original Book of Common Prayer, except when it comes to the sacraments. Then I’d use something like the 1946 printing of the PCUSA’s Book of Common Worship. Also the Book of Common Order of the Church of Scotland.