Preface to our covenant for the charter of Trinity Reformed Church Graveyard

New Warhorn Media post by Tim Bayly:

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Is this graveyard going to be on the grounds of your church building?

Will ashes be allowed to be buried there?

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Yes, as explained in the footnotes, that’s the meaning of “graveyard.” A graveyard is a cemetery contained within the churchyard. Love,

We haven’t decided yet, but I hope so. I also hope people reading this preface will decide against cremation. Love,


What a great answer to one of life’s biggest needs.

It wouldn’t have even occurred to me to ask if I hadn’t seen the footnote.

Graveyards on church grounds are wonderful. Death is stalking each of us. Let our dead proclaim that bad news to us while we are on our way to hear the Good News.


Now reposted with introduction added and local information removed: