Pope emeritus Benedict XVI: "The Church and the Scandal of Sex Abuse": A Protestant response (2)

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Pastor, I am confused. Is the text you’re commenting on written by Benedict/Ratzinger or the current Pope, Francis? You seem to use their names interchangeably in this work and I’m having trouble tracking.

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You’re right and I have corrected it. Sorry for my mistakes. Love,

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Will you also be writing on the response to wolves who have abused the flock in the Protestant church? I always think the closer to home something is the more worthwhile commenting on. Otherwise you end up like Benedict writing about Austrian cinemas rather than abusive priests. The recent SBC report is the most prominent example but not the only one.

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We never stop writing about Protestant abuses. Conservative Protestant abuses. Presbyterian Church in America abuses. Done so for fifteen years, now. Revoice only most recent example. Love,

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Tim’s not been shy to address these problems in the Protestant church in the past. The historic nature of one Pope (emeritus) writing a letter to another Pope on this issue does seem worth commenting on, IMO, regardless of the issues going on in our camp. I do have a number of thoughts myself about the SBC scandal.

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Yes, and we’ve discussed this in SV. Let’s move discussion of abuse in the SBC here:

We also discussed the Independent Fundamental Baptist example here: