Poltergeist (1982): the seedy underbelly of the 1980s

New Warhorn Media post by Nathan Alberson:

This is a fun episode! Is there anything other than Mad Men that gets my grandpa and what it was like for them in mid-century America? I am not watching something with a lot of sexual temptation, but I would like to “get it.”

Thoughts from anyone welcome.
Thank you,
Brian Marr


That’s a great question. Nothing as perfect pops into my head, but let’s see…

I think the father/son relationship at the heart of Catch Me If You Can gets a little bit of it.

Maybe the Jack Lemmon character in The Apartment.

Or John Wayne in The Searchers or Hondo.

Thank you for taking the time to respond.

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Hey I finally got around to watching all those movies. They all had something interesting to say.

With John Wayne the gist of it, as you pointed out in the episode, it’s a kind of commentary on the masculinity of World War II and the punk kids that came after that depression/war-tested generation. It seems that Catch Me If You Can gets at this too insofar as the dad is a man who was successful in WWII and now has to put up with the world of flannel suits, a world far from the world of the masculine in which he is more uncomfortable. And so I suppose that’s the connection with Jack Lemmon in The Apartment: it’s the feeling of being emasculated by corporate America, having to literally prostitute one’s time and space for promotion.

I’d be interested if you had any thoughts on this, but anyway thanks for the film recommendations. I think I do indeed understand my Grandpa better.

Thanks Mr. Alberson,
Brian Marr


No thoughts except I think you’re absolutely right and I hope we can do The Apartment someday sooner rather than later. It’s a good one to talk about that sort of thing.