PCA hall of infamy: pastors & elders who signed protest against Pastor Warhurst

New Warhorn Media post by Tim Bayly:


Shame to see Kevin Twit on that list, I’ve been a fan of Indelible Grace music. Recently I’ve gotten into Psalm Singing (thanks Crosspolitic!) so it stings less.


In New Zealand the one completely ‘liberal’ tradition is our Methodist Church (I joke that it is easier to find a Bible-believing Catholic than it is to find a Bible-believing Methodist). When I asked my father how they had got like this, he said that they had let liberals rule the roost in their training institution, and the eventual rot didn’t take long to manifest.

More generally, why were the people teaching at Covenant, and now creating all the grief, hired in the first place? Surely the PCA should have learnt from the disasters of the PCUSA, and many others; and many of these issues are evident in the SBC as well.

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Jack Collins, I am told, was the childhood friend of Bryan Chapell; David Jones, Joel Belz told me, was Joel’s college roomate at Covenant College; and so it goes. All of us think that friends of ours are friends of God. Or that people who like us also like, and are liked by, God.

Keep in mind that, to this very day, Bryan would defend Jack, Jack would defend Jerram, Jerram and Joel would defend David, and every one of Jerram, Bryan, Jack, and David’s students would defend every last one of these men to their very grave.

Long ago I learned that you don’t bother with the pastors. They’re so far gone in their cowardice, pride, and self-delusion. The only hope of reform in as degraded a religious nonprofit as the PCA is some of the elders; but even more, the sheep themselves.

The sheep need to fire their college and seminary as well as their pastors who defend them. Nothing less will do. They need to fire every last member of their SJC, also. Every member is corrupt, especially those who assure you privately that they’re the great conservative hope, there.

And nothing I write above is cynicism; it’s simple truth written hopefully. Hopefully, the people will fire their pastors and start over with men not trained by PhDs whether at Covenant, Westminster West or East, Reformed, Gordon-Conwell, or Talbot. This is the reason Evangel is focussing on training pastors through New Geneva Academy, and those who read here should be giving students and money and prayers in support of it. Love,


Indeed so; and if the sheep can’t get the SJC etc fired, what you will then see is the sheep taking matters into their own hands, and leaving PCA churches in droves; assuming their individual churches don’t leave first.