PCA General Assembly: A tale of two study committees...

New Warhorn Media post by Andrew Dionne:

Yep. They approved both study committees.

I fail to see how godly ministers, even with a spirit of unity motivating them, can elect to study what is clear in scripture (remember the perspicuity of scripture?). The failure evident in deciding to study what God has already condemned is apostasy. And if any brother voted for it, they should recognize their error and repent. Any carnal minister or elder should repent also, but unto salvation otherwise their repentance doesn’t matter.
What is on board for next year: Overture to study the use of carved images to enhance worship and to avoid shaming idolaters? Overture to reconsider the archaic doctrine of the Trinity in the face of modern physics. Or maybe Pastor Saul’s can come up with something along the lines of praising women who have had abortions for their heroism in being willing to sacrifice their unborn children so they can devote themselves fully to furthering the kingdom.


Nice article. It’s very important to note that the PCA liberals are not opposed to calling bad actions sin. It’s not that they shy away from criticizing people, or rebuking them, or condemning them. It’s not that they’re soft and compassionate and good-hearted and kind. It’s just that they only wants to call something sin if the world does. Whether God does or not is irrelevant.