PCA Covenant Theological Seminary pastor Greg Johnson 16 years ago

New Warhorn Media post by Tim Bayly:

Very loosely: if legalism, however defined, were our main issue, this piece would be worth keeping in mind. But legalism is not our main issue, and has not been in a very long time.

I do find myself sympathetic to the situation he outlined at the start of his piece, although his language is excessive. By all means, encourage people to grow in their application of the ordinary ‘means of grace’. But don’t let it get to the point of “diminishing returns”, or telling people that they haven’t prayed/worked/served hard enough. Truly that is being told to make ‘bricks without straw’.

Example: in Scotland, much was made in times past of the need to ‘observe the Sabbath’, which we would agree is important. But the way it was done in Scotland, and next door in Northern Ireland - for example, completely shutting public parks on a Sunday - served to alienate people from church life and then the wider cause of the Gospel. As I see it, the Church of Scotland ended up putting the rules ‘cart’ before the Gospel ‘horse’, and people left church life, never to return.

Really? The church was raped… Today, we can’t unknow what we’ve since learned about this man the PCA refuses to discipline, and everything points perfectly to the shamed’s ressentiment. His prayer didn’t “work,” so he unleashes. As simple as that. Love,

I can see how Quiet Time Guilt could morph into guilt itself being the problem and any claim to moral behavior being legalism.

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