Payroll Protection Program

For those pastors/elders, how has your church thought through the Payroll Protection Program?

I know some churches are hurting financially during this time and some are doing quite well by God’s grace. I would be interested in hearing how you’ve thought about the PPP and why your church has decided to participate/not participate. Thanks,


We at Christ Church decided not to pursue it, since we felt that we could not in good conscience certify that “Current economic uncertainty makes the loan necessary to support [our] ongoing operations.” God has been kind to provide financially for our church as of late, and our reserves made it such that we didn’t think it made sense for us to try and participate.


I suppose the way I see it is that if a church is still receiving enough in tithes and offerings that it is not running a deficit, it should leave the funds in the PPP for the many small businesses that are still hurting. (And should a church be taking government monies? The answer to that is not clear to me yet.)