Pastors who profess to be homosexuals, are not qualified


I like the article and agree with the title’s conclusion, but I have a question for those more experienced in ministering to people tempted by homosexuality than I.

What percentage of homosexual sinners are capable of entering a satisfactory heterosexual marriage?

What percentage of homosexual sinners are capable of entering a satisfactory heterosexual marriage?

There is a lot to ask of that question. Are saying that homosexual sinners cannot repent of their sinfulness and respond in obedience to God’s ordain call of marriage? There is no way it would be satisfactory if a man refused to repent of his sin. But that, applies those who are heterosexual as well. Then, what are the standards for a satisfactory heterosexual marriage?

I’m not sure we can answer the question without a lot of guess work. I think what needs to be put forth is that God calls us to marriage, and we are to obey Him in fulfilling that call. But even that, is overly simplistic. So…

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Timothy, you’re making it more complicated than it needs to be. My question is simply, in the experience of those ministering to those who repent of homosexuality, how many successfully enter marriage?

Whether it is God’s will, or the fault of the sinner, or some other reason, the warping effect of sin on a person is not always removed from those who become Christians. Repentant homosexuals don’t always have their heterosexulity fully restored, makng marriage a no-go a la Matt 19:12. Therefore, the advice to marry if you burn is impossible to carry out.

I am highly skeptical of the current popular view that repentant homosexuals don’t need to marry, but I assume at least some fall under Matt 19:12. So, my question again is: in terms of what people ministering to repentant homosexuals, what percentage find themselves unable to marry successfully?

This is a bit off-base, although perhaps you already know what I’m about to say and just chose a poor wording. Regardless, “fully restored” heterosexuality is just the same thing as fully restored sexuality, which is something none of us can claim. Or to put it another way, complete removal of any and all homosexual temptation is not a requirement for marriage.

As to Matt 19:12, if a homosexually tempted man is unable to marry because he is a eunuch, which of the three is he—eunuch from birth, made a eunuch by men, or making himself a eunuch for the kingdom of heaven?

I’m struggling to see the problem people are having with this question.

  1. Gay guys like guys.
  2. Some repentant ex-gay guys never begin liking girls.
  3. If such a guy married a girl, he would not be aroused by her.
  4. So he doesn’t marry.
  5. He would have been made a eunuch by men (for you, Joseph).

To those who minister to repentant homosexuals, how many are in that boat?


  • I do not believe the majority of gay men will be in that boat. Some may fail to be atttacted to women enough to consumate a marriage due to poor teaching, incomplete repentance, or even extensive warping of their sexuality.

  • I hate the gay celibate movement’s surrender to their sin, but I do know in other areas people struggle against sin and do not achieve the level of victory required to take part in the same activities as others e.g. alcoholics, depressives, etc.

I appreciate we’re fighting against the normalisation of homosexuality, but that should not make this question invalid unless you believe no. 3 above is a non sequitur - in which case you can say so and will have answered the question.

Sorry, Wrong thread for my comment. Love,

Alistair, have you considered how anthropocentric your questions are. This is one reason you might not get a straight answer, because the question carries some serious worldly presuppositions.

I’m guessing you are not one of those who has ministered to repentant homosexuals.

I actually think the reason you’re not getting a simple answer is because nobody knows. If you count as “homosexual” everybody that the homosexualists claim is a repressed homosexual, then the vast majority can and even do marry, often without any outside help. If you limit yourself to those who are seeking help, the numbers will be much smaller, and the percentages will shift toward never marrying. But how many of them never marry because they are completely unable to consummate a marriage vs pervasive self-centeredness? I don’t know.

Secular studies show that many who claim to be homosexuals use heterosexual and even lesbian pornography, which gives an indication that most can marry by the simple standard of arousal.

In our own experience, I think it is safe to say that a large majority that confess homosexual desires eventually marry. I wouldn’t venture to get more specific than that. Nor is marriage the “proof” of healing we might want it to be. Many especially non-Christians are married with children and then stop fighting their sin.


I don’t know the answer to your question. I think it’s an interesting question. My guess is that the percentage of homosexuals who could be married is strikingly high. I base that on the fact that homosexuals have higher pregnancy rates than heteros:

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Joseph, that’s a helpful reply.

I guess the reason for the question was to confirm or deny the existence of people (and in what numbers) struggling with homosexuality who, despite fighting for wholeness, are unable to take advantage of Paul’s remedy for strong passions.

Some heterosexuals find themselves unable to marry for reasons other than the gift of celibacy, also.

Even as that is the case, I in no way support the weak-willed capitulation to singleness by many effeminate and self-identified homosexuals in the Church today. Recognising and struggling against a sin and making precious little headway is lightyears away from accepting homosexuality as part of your identity and living in light of that falsehood.

Once again, thanks for the reply.


Fascinating…and I haven’t even clicked on the link yet!

Thanks, Nathan. Looks an interesting read.

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