Pastors should train pastors

I know we’ve posted here about New Geneva Academy before, but here I go again!

We are three weeks in to our first semester as New Geneva Academy. We’ve been training pastors since 2005, but this new program is a definite improvement. Many of the men we all appreciate from Warhorn are graduates of our earlier programs, so the proof of our work is the fruit of their ministries.

Please let me know if you are interested in preparing for ministry with our help.

And please let other men in your churches know about us.

And don’t forget to come the the Shepherds’ Conference in October!


Thank you, Stephen, for your tireless faithful work training our sons. What a gift you have given us these many years, now! May God bless you.


A daft laddie question, but related. What room is there for the traditional (for most Fundamentalists and Pentecostals, anyway) two-year Bible College course? What these did, at the very least, was create something every pastor appreciates and needs: a Biblically-informed laity. They have also served as a way of discerning whether people have the ‘right stuff’ to be in ordained ministry.


Oh, and they haven’t been known for nothing over the years as “Bridal colleges” :wink:


Having been closely acquainted with several of these institutions, the characteristic you mention here is one I’ve almost never seen implemented. Much as it would have been helpful!

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NGA is contemplating a solution to this need. Stay tuned!