Paedocommunion Debate

Hey brothers,
I wanted to share with you the latest episode of my podcast. It is a formal debate on Paedocommunion between Pastor Toby Sumpter and Mr. Joseph Weissman. I think you will find it helpful. I am planning on some follow up episodes. I have another debate lined up on the issue of federal vision.


I thought this was a good discussion. I also thought that Mr. Weissman did well considering the fact that he his a churchman who I believe ably defended the Westminsterian position well. I hope that a Pastor could have this debate in the future who would be willing to press Pastor Sumpter on some of the glaring issues that are in his position.


I look forward to listening to this. Thanks for your efforts.

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I’d like to get Pastor Doug Wilson and Pastor Tim Bayly to debate it.


This would be great. Tim Bayly happens to command a lot of street cred in my church :slight_smile: , and I could see such a debate going a long way to help bring some proper context to the Moscow draw. I know that Pastor Bayly was in the blog fray to some extent when the FV discussion was really hot, and those discussions seem just as relevant now (if not more relevant) as they were then.

One of the issues I have in my own circles is that I know several Baptists who are finding themselves drawn to Moscow who are mistaking Moscow’s positions on covenant theology and theonomy as being representative of classical presbyterian orthodoxy. I know reformed Baptists who can read the Joint Federal Vision statement (the content of which Pastor Wilson would still espouse sans the FV title), and not spot the points at which it directly departs from reformed orthodoxy.

Frankly, that speaks volumes to me about the current state of affairs. Sure, it exposes personal theological ignorance, but it also confirms to me that plain old, vanilla Westminster orthodoxy is getting pretty well drowned out in the shadow of Moscow – at least among the people I hang out with.


First of all, these are excellent, and thank you. I’m curious who you have lined up, Leithart? He and Jordan seem to be the more “Lutheran” Presbyterians around, and what are called “FV heavy”.

Or “FV Stout”

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It’s a Winnie the Pooh bother to have to deal with Moscow when there’s serious work to be done and time is getting short, for me. About paedocommunion, CREC paedocommunionists never responded to our thorough theological, historical, and Biblical critiques when we published them on Baylyblog. Moscow specializes in repartee, not close study and critique. Audible debate is its preferred method because this medium is necessarily once-over-lightly. Young men who live on social media and don’t read anything longer than five pages are Moscow’s chosen sodality, but I suggest we focus on the very looong haul.

Speaking of Federal Vision, the man who started it all is the PCA pastor Ben Sulser was referring to (along with PCA and other reformed pastors, generally) in our most recent podcast when he pleaded, “Tell me my sin!”

Ever since he said it, I’ve been quoting Vern Poythress who, when I asked him what he thought of Federal Vision, said, “You know, I’ve read a lot of their writing, but I can’t understand what they’re saying.”

This should be Federal Vision’s epitaph: “Vern Poythress coudn’t understand what they were saying.” Love,