Our debauched world: owning up to our responsibility...

New Warhorn Media post by Tim Bayly:


I would probably order these things in this way: aids, sodomy, gay marriage, transgenderism, pedophilia. Looking back, homosexuality was still considered a perversion before aids, but then the virus provided sympathy, empathy and cover to the cause, and later legitimized sodomy and then gay marriage. In other words, aids was the best thing that could ever happen to the cause, and gay marriage has the same impact, when you consider that very few homosexuals care about it. The push for full acceptance and mainstreaming of transgenderism is relatively new. Pedophilia is on the radar. The question is what will come next. What is left?

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Yup, right with you. What is left is vengeance or repentance. Love,

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Something that should be a sign to repent, but it’s turned into reason to press on, an obstacle to overcome.

Reminds me of the ecumenical prayer meeting following 9/11. (In retrospect. At the time it felt right to me.)


Pr. Tim is correct insofar as repentance and judgment are potential at any step, though there’s plenty of evidence in Scripture that our Father sometimes waits a long time before lowering the boom.

There is, however, a development that seems to prompt far more immediate reaction, namely the erasure of creation boundaries where those boundaries touch the very essence of the creature(s) He has designed.

Case in point is the Nephilim in Genesis 6. This involves the creation of a chimera never intended by our Father to exist. Yeah, I know that some quail at the notion of angels having sex with women, but that’s no justification for dismissing the obvious presentation of Genesis 6.

And, so, when this chimera comes into existence (the Nephilim) our Father acts faster.

Godwa also shows us another angle on Sodom and Gomorrah and the holocaust God sent upon them. Most think it is the homosexual angle that provokes our Father’s relatively quick judgment. But, what if it were not that which provoked Him the most? What instead of male-male sex it were male-angel sex that provoked God to send such fearsome judgment so quickly?

If the creation or imminent creation of a chimera amongst His creatures is what provokes our Father to swifter judgment, we have a terrifying answer to “What’s left?” That thing which is left is the creation of any chimera, or particularly a chimera derived from a human compounded with something nonhuman.

What about human-robotic combos? What about human-animal combos (something recently announced and gleefully anticipated in many genetics research labs? These possibilities - to judge by what’s reported in the professional literature - are nearing reality.

For what it’s worth, that’s what I think is left to happen. And if I’m correct, then Katy can bar the door as hard as she pleases. It won’t stop our Lord from busting things up as ferociously as He has in the past.