Our Animal Bodies

(John Trocke) #1

Why do you suppose that when God decided to make man in his image, he did so using a biological form, with all the functions and drives that being an animal entails, instead of more angelic-like beings, or indeed, the angels themselves?

(Nathan Smith) #2

Two thoughts

  1. why does God do anything He does??? He wants to. And He always fulfills his promises, but He also knows how He will fulfill the promise when He makes it, so again… He wants to.
  2. He decided on people first and made animals lesser types of people instead of people greater types of animals. Of course that’s just conjecture but that’s how I think of it.

(John Trocke) #3

The answer to this is always: to glorify Himself. It’s just interesting to think that in order to glorify Himself, he chose to reflect His self in a being that needs to shower at least once every other day to ward off the odor they create. Or perhaps B.O. only came after the fall…

(Nathan Smith) #4

Hah. Perhaps or aversion to BO came after the fall?

I tend to think of God glorifying Himself as more of a “what” He does than “why” He does it. Everything He does glorifies Himself. And He could glorify Himself in a million million different ways that don’t involve creating us. He doesn’t need us. He just wanted us. But I take your point and I’m done arguing semantics. Probably :grinning:

(Joseph Bayly) #5

This gets my vote. :slight_smile:

(Lucas Weeks) #6

Asking a “why” question like this is dangerous because it can very easily lead to vain speculations. So I think the best response is a brief one:

I don’t really know, but I think it might have something to do with GK Chesterton’s way of seeing paradox everywhere he looked. We are both physical and spiritual, eternal and finite.

(Alistair Robertson) #7

I don’t know. I think it’s a good topic to consider. Too often, Christians forget the value of the physical creation. Putting the image of God in a physical, biological being elevates physical creation beyond some sort of lower order to which we are even now tempted to relegate it.

Then, when The Image of God became man, physical creation’s stock went rocketing up! :slight_smile: