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Once, my brother ran away from home. He packed his huge swimming goggles, a bpj sandwich and started walking. Didn’t last more than 10 min. My mom yelled at me for making fun of him - he was my brother after all.


Dear @calebsamland, I don’t understand how your comment goes with the post. Did I miss a joke?


I am assuming that Virgil Hurt, Presiding Minister of Council for the CREC is a brother in Christ. I’m assuming that we all feel like we want to run away from our homes right now. I’m sure you could find more parallels if you wanted to.

Hope that helps.


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The reason I posted this was because of this p

Is this Mr. Hurt (Presiding Minister of Council for the CREC) not telling the govt that he’s going to have his “we” (pastors, congregants?) disobey the stay-at-home orders? Is this not a problem?

And of course he and everyone who signed the petition at the bottom is confident that what they want is the right thing. Who knows what the right thing to do in this situation is? And who is in authority to actually do it?

Maybe this would be an appropriate request if it was just addressed to the locality he lives in. If you live in some rural farm town or something (idk what places are more or less affected). But no, it’s a statement to all world leaders. LOL!

I caught that too. It struck me less as “I’m going to tell people to defy the orders” and more as, “That guy over there is gonna defy the orders. What, you want me to do something about that? I’m telling you he’s gonna defy the orders, aren’t I?”

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“We.” He says it several times in that paragraph. I don’t think you can infer that he’s going to tell people not to comply, but he certainly indicates what he is going to do along with others. As a leader, the expectation is that others will follow him. This is an act of leadership. He is leading the people in the CREC into civil disobedience. I don’t see how you can read it otherwise. Are the people forcing him to lead them this direction? I have no idea, but whether they are pushing or he is pulling, we know where they are going.


Seems to me to be more about grandstanding than a genuine petition. I find it telling that this declaration is addressed mostly to classes of people who have no real authority in the matter (President, Congressmen, Senators) but not to the class of people who do have the authority: Governors.