On aliens and living in a simulation

(Joseph Bayly) #1

Elon Musk, George Hotz (of iOS jailbreak fame), “philosopher” Nick Bostrom, and many others in the tech world are enamored with the idea that we are living in a simulation:

Hotz is right that “there’s no evidence this is not true.” In fact, all the evidence is that there is intelligent design, to fall back to a term from a few years ago. Or more biblically, you could say the heavens declare the glory of God.

When you refuse to believe in God, but you can’t escape the evidence all around you… you posit some other “thing” indistinguishable from God.

Likewise, when you refuse to believe in any sort of spiritual reality, but you insist on believing in the existence of extraterrestrial beings with powers beyond our ability to understand, you might as well admit you believe in a perfect equivalent to angels and demons.

So, this is why I always answer the question, “Do you believe in aliens?” with “Yes.”

(Nathan Smith) #2

Reminds me of a recent Dilbert: