Old Orchard Presbyterian Church of Missouri Presbytery: the quality of their arguments

New Warhorn Media post by Tim Bayly:


Is it possible to put your comments or his review in Italics or something else to differentiate between the two? I’m having a difficult time following along since all of the text looks the same.

I had to go into the code to fix it. Sorry. It should be fine now.


Just added this sentence to the end of the post: “As with all our prior Revoice posts, this was written without the help or appreciation of greater men busy holding forth about masks, interposition, the lesser magistrate, eschatology, theonomy, reconstruction, and critical race theory…” There it is, if you missed it. Smile and love

Actually, it now reads: “As with all our prior Revoice posts, this was written to serve the church by rebuking false shepherds in their sin while at the same time providing a strong warning to those sheep they seek to mislead. If this work is something you believe in, please pray for us.”

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