Oh no! It's an iOS vs Android thread

I would be glad to move to something other than an Apple phone if not for the Apple iMessage app. It’s so much easier to use iMessage with all of my family and friends that moving hardware is prohibitive.

My two great wishes are that:

  • Apple would make iMessage an app available for other phones
  • Apple would make a dumb phone that just did calls and used iMessage as its text platform
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After years being an Android enthusiast (AOSP, Cyanogen, LineageOS) I switched to an iPhone last year. I hate it. It treats you like a baby. There isn’t even a file system exposed. You can’t arrange anything how you like. No VPNs for ad blocking. And Apple’s 2FA enforcement is more about making sure you eternally live in their ecosystem than for any real security benefit.

On the upside though… I use my phone a lot less :wink:

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Now you made me do it. If experience tells me anything it’s that this needs its own thread. lol

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I have caused the creation of two threads today. Sorry for keeping you busy today :sweat_smile:


iPhone Pros:
Looks fancy
Better Security(?)
Better UI*
Nice Ecosystem™

iPhone Cons:
2nd Mortgage
Airpods? wut?
No cupholder

Android Pros:

Android Cons:
Cheap, but somehow still expensive
Google is basically the NSA

'* = Citation Needed


I wasn’t going to make a thread until @Auslander chimed in. :wink:

Yes. But to be fair, most of their users are technologically babies. If I could just set my default mail app… Ugh.

True in the absolute sense, but at least now there is the possibility of downloading files to your phone and getting to them! The files app is a huge leap up from where it was for years.

I hadn’t heard of this before, but I think installing a root certificate (which this required) on your phone is a terrible security idea. DNS-based ad blocking is still possible, and seems a lot safer to me. Not sure how effective each is in comparison, though.

I’m not sure what you’re referring to here. I have the choice to have two-factor authentication turned on or off with my Apple account. And I don’t understand how doing either one would lock me further into their platform. And as @krk88 said, iMessage is enough lock-in for me anyway. lol.

I’m mostly just surprised that anybody willing to muck around the Cyanogen and all the rest would switch to iOS. lol

Root certificates are required for blocking HTTPS-delivered ads. I am comfortable with it as long as I can audit the process and ensure that my sensitive HTTPS stuff (banking etc) is blacklisted. AdGuard for example automatically blacklists banks. Ad blocking providers have too much to lose in this case. I much more prefer editing my own hosts file, which is possible on a rooted Android device.

Apple’s 2FA is not enforced if you do not have it enabled, but once enabled, there is no going back. This is for all icloud/me.com accounts.

At this point iOS 13 just dropped with… a dark mode and a swipe keyboard. They are doing some interesting things on their newer hardware with AR, but all of the innovation and great leaps in terms of user experience are coming on the Android side.

I am also watching very closely the Librem 5, the Puri.sm linux-based device. It is nothing I’d use at this point for a daily driver but as a desktop Linux user I like very much the attempt to create a truly open-source (FOSS) smartphone.

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I am well aware of the fact that basically everyone at both Google and Apple hates me. But Apple’s business model makes it so that their interests (getting me to buy more of their hardware and services) sometimes align with my interests (in this case, mostly privacy).

Google’s business model is to sell my privacy to advertisers.

That makes this an easy decision for me.

It would be nice if Apple made a dumb phone, though. Heck, I’d settle for a phone the size of the iPhone SE.