'Nuther odd repeating thang . . .

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For the past week, when I arrive at Sanityville and see the various updates offered to me, one of them consistently has been to the Dickens thread. When I click on the link designated as a digit inside a colored circle, I’m taken to this:

It is always this - my own post from a couple of weeks ago, including the input field for editing what I had previously written.

I then click on the blue “Save edit” link, and it all goes away.

Some hours later, when I return to Sanityville, I’m told there is an update to the Dickens thread. Often, it’s just ONE message (supposedly) which has been added. BUT when I click on the link that is supposed to take me to the new addition to the thread, I get what is shown in the sccreen shot above.

A puzzlement!

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