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A couple of thoughts . . .

Two Sundays ago (2nd Sunday in Lent) I preached on the RCL gospel lesson appointed for that Sunday - Luke 13:1-9. In Luke 13:6-9 our Lord tells the parable of the unfruitful fig tree which the landowner wishes to uproot, relenting when the keeper of the vineyard appeals for one more year in which he will loosen the soil and fertilize the plant. My sermon text at one point reads:

I believe that our Lord’s parable explains why our nation has not been overthrown and destroyed already, as a judgment for the more than 60 million innocent souls who have been slaughtered in tin places called abortion clinics. We know that God destroyed the entire Canaanite civilization because they sacrificed their children to Molech. I seriously doubt that the number of those children in Canaan over a period of four centuries ever approached the number of children murdered in our country alone since 1973.

I checked that statistic last night, and the number of abortions in the United States since Roe v. Wade stands at just over 61 million, 250,000. Certainly, the Canaanites never murdered that many infants. But, look what God did to them! With all that blood crying out from the ground of our nation, why has God relented in doing to our nation what he did to the Canaanites?

I can envision (theoretically, that is) God forgiving our nation in a way that He forgave Nineveh. But, in the case of Nineveh, the entire city-state repented in sack cloth and ashes. How likely is that sort of thing in our day, with well over half of our nation favoring a woman’s right to murder her child at will?

Second, way back in April 2003 Touchstone published an issue with its theme emblazoned on the cover: The Godless Party. It was talking - all throughout its articles for that month - of the Democratic Party, and their subscriber list took a significant hit afterwards, from Democrats who were outraged, and from nelly Christians who thought it was just too, too outré for a Christian journal to hurl insults at a political party.

At the Doom it will be way too late to skate when Someone asks why the man in the dock at that point voted for any Democrat in any political race. And, yes, I agree that the same conundrum might face one for voting for this or that candidate in the Republican Party. The latter, for a while perhaps, maintains a few fig leaves to cover its shame for leaving all those innocents unprotected from the horrors unleashed by Roe v. Wade.


The scary part to me is how many babies worldwide have been murdered and how there isn’t even much of a fight coming from those who oppose abortion in many of those countries. Why has God relented in doing to many nation’s what He did to the Caananites? And what does it look like when He no longer relents?


I raised this question with my pastor today. Although he believes each nation has a set amount of iniquity that once accomplished will bring on God’s judgment, the particular magnitude and timing belong to the secret things of God. Also, he thinks that the presence of faithful Christians in a nation may delay judgement, just as God’s patience with Sodom’s sins would have continued if there were but ten righteous men there. Finally, my pastor said we shouldn’t expect God’s judgment to necessarily appear in some outward form. Instead, just as God brought order out of the primordial chaos, rebellion results in a return to chaos. For example, the confusion and turmoil over sexuality and gender occurring within our current society ought to be viewed as God’s judgment upon us. And in a similar light, I think it would be appropriate to see widespread abortion not as a cause for God’s judgement but rather as a manifestation of God’s judgment. After all, are there many greater curses than the mindset to kill one’s own posterity?


Absolutely, just as contraception’s barrenness and sterility is His judgment. Not a choice. Love,


Pr. Bayly, do you condemn contraception per se?

Dear @FaithAlone ,

Here’s several articles from the old Baylyblog that speak to your question. This one might be a good place to start.



Thank you, Daniel. That was helpful.

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