New Year's resolutions for the sheep

New Warhorn Media post by Tim Bayly:


If I might add another one: if I have an involvement in another church, e.g. attending their services regularly, there had better be a good reason.

To explain. Various people here have referred to what they call “moonlighting” - being based in one church, serving and giving, of a Sunday morning, and then going to a quite different church at night. In the singles’ community, this is very common, and I have done this myself in times past. When I left my last church, it was aided by the fact I had been part of a small group at another church, the one I shifted to, for the previous two years; and I had been going at night for many more.

At any rate, I respectfully submit that shepherds should be aware of this, and prepared to challenge their flock about it if need be.

Singles often do it in an attempt to find people to marry, I gather.

Is that what you were doing? Would you say that’s a good enough reason?

A good enough reason, did you ask? Yes :slight_smile:

Another factor, the last time I was doing this, was the simple need to make Christian friends, especially as a single. This is something my pastor at the time would have understood, as we were a fairly small church plant at that stage.

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