New Ohio law prohibits government from closing churches

Very interesting. I like the direction of some of the changes we’re making in Ohio in response to the last 6 months.

Notwithstanding any contrary provision of the Revised Code, no public official shall issue an order to close all places of worship in the state or in a geographic area of the state.

Apparently this was signed into law today by the governor.


It is good. But what you also learn when laws like this become necessary is that you have a state government that feels they have the right to close churches. It’s an indication of where the battle lines arE drawn.

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Maybe country-wise, but this wasn’t a fight in OH. The governor said early on that he didn’t have the right to close churches, and I didn’t hear anything about this law until it was passed. Not much of a fight.

Would you say the same about the Bill of Rights at the time it was passed? Necessary to prevent the government from doing what it naturally would? Yes. But the US at that time was pretty firm on those things.

The group you linked to also had advocated for this legislation, also signed recently by the governor.

Yeah, I saw that one, too, but why do you mention it? It shows we live in a litigious society, I guess.

Not closing churches is a big deal, but in the long run, I say the civil liability legislation is a bigger deal, because we live in a litigious society.

I do not know what the laws and precedents say about suing churches. I can tell you would be foolish to sue Sovereign King. After legal fees are paid, we would have nothing left for you to loot.

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Unfortunately, the purpose of a suit is sometimes simply to cripple or stop the other party.

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