New Geneva Academy: training worship and music pastors

New Warhorn Media post by Tim Bayly:

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I hope at least part of a class is devoted to the fine art of proper power point slide transitioning during singing.


Not the worship leader’s job, and not something he can correct, since he usually won’t see the problem, but boy is that a tough skill to teach somebody to do really well.


We’ve solved it at my church. Little thing I like to call…hymnals. :grinning:

At least Powerpoint doesn’t have the problems that the Pentecostal church I went to using overhead projectors. If you think it’s bad when a guy puts the wrong slide up, imagine dropping the next 10 on the floor and having to sort the mess out before you can transition on. Maybe that’s where the incessant repeat got its start…


Overhead projectors? That’s going back in the day … (I had the same problem, and yes, in a Pentecostal setting too! It was made worse when worship leaders decided on the spot that there was a particular song they wanted to sing, leaving me to find the overhead at a moment’s notice).