NASB2020 Translation Updates

I was caught off guard last week by how very different the NASB2020 is in wording from the NASB1995. I suppose I was naively thinking that the new update meant a few word changes here and there; but it seems like much more of an overhaul.

One surprising particular change I stumbled across was in John 17:2. The NASB2020 reads, “You gave Him authority over all mankind.”

The NASB1995 translated the Greek word sarx as “flesh” (“You gave Him authority over all flesh”). KJV, ESV, CSB, and RSV all do the same—“flesh.” However, in the NASB2020 they’ve changed it to “mankind.” I see no reason for doing so, since the word sarx really means “flesh.” I found this decision particularly strange, since they seem to have actually imported a gender-specific term (“mankind”) that wasn’t there in the first place.

Has anyone noticed other similar changes which seem to depart from the plain Greek meaning?


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