Mostly Peaceful Protests

You’ve probably seen these pictures:

And then this gem:

What in the world is going on here? Yes, we’ve grown accustomed to the lies of the media. But these images struck me as something else. Obviously, the media isn’t trying to hide the destruction. But while they show us dramatic images of the carnage, CNN reports that the carnage is the aftermath of “mostly peaceful protests”, and certainly not due to any “riots”. CNN can’t possibly be trying to get away with a bald-faced lie. How could they? I think something else is going on here.

I was talking about the violence in Kenosha with a man in my church yesterday, and he said something very interesting. According to those sympathetic with BLM and the mobs, there’s not a “riot,” and there isn’t “violence” until people are injured or killed. In their view, property is just “stuff”, and that’s what insurance is for. So, no, they aren’t lying when they say it’s not a riot and that it’s “mostly peaceful.” They are being internally consistent, if nothing else.

I call BS. They might be “internally consistent,” but it doesn’t matter. The logic is no different than that of the playground kid who is nasty and passive aggressive toward a guy twice his size. He mocks him and belittles him by making jokes and always maintaining plausible deniability. If you have sons, you know what this is like. But when the big kid finally can’t take it anymore, he turns around and punches the little dweeb in the face. So the dweeb goes and reports to the teacher, and the big kid is the one who is punished.

CNN is lying by another means. They are aiding and abetting the dweeb who is full of resentment, hatred and violence in his heart.

What do you do if one of your sons, perhaps the little brother, is continually passive aggressive toward his older brother because of his insecurity, resentment and bitterness? Do you coddle the boy and comfort him, recognizing the poor boy’s insecurity and fear? Nothing could be more destructive to the peace and well being of your home. Nothing could be more destructive to the happiness and contentment of the little brother! Fathers, you must not allow it to continue. Instead, you must have the faith to call your son, the “little brother,” to be honest and content with what he has and who he is. If you check out, and fail to intervene and speak the truth, your sons will hate each other. They’ll hate you, too.

Those pictures from CNN are like a mother coddling the little brother who has repeatedly provoked his older brother. Dad needs to step in and make it stop. Otherwise, there will only be more hatred and more violence.


It sure makes it hard to believe anything the media has to say. This is why there is so much skepticism on the Covid issue as well. The media pisses on our leg and tells us it’s raining.


This post briefly mentions the reality of the radical left’s position on property destruction as inherently non-violent and explains their strategy on the street during these protests as a “dilemma action.” I found it very helpful. (ht @AndrewHenry)

Here’s how the article summarizes it:

Put simply a dilemma action is a strategy using carefully-targeted types and degrees of civil disobedience to cause security forces to either concede the space and thus exhibit weakness, or respond in a manner that appears disproportionate and evokes negative sentiments in the population. (Sorensen, 2013)

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Oh man. The tactics listed in the article are just awful. It makes me think of Muslim terrorists hiding behind women and children to fight and bomb. They are clearly waging an all-out war. Do we have the stomach to actually fight back?

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“The dilemma action put the police in a conundrum: police have a responsibility to enforce order and control space, so doing nothing and allowing antifa to occupy and destroy property causes them to appear weak and ineffectual, thus inciting further acts against police. If they appear to respond too aggressively however -or intercept the march before it reaches its location, giving grounds for claims of a first amendment violation- they risk facing allegations of being tyrannical and overbearing.”

What an awful position to be in. May God give them wisdom and courage to do what is right.


Just to be clear, Lucas, you don’t actually mean the article itself is bad, right? Just that the things it’s describing are terrible?

I edited the comment for clarity. Thanks, Joseph.


There are plenty of reasons to be skeptical about whether this account is authentic, but it certainly speaks to “dilemma action”:

As a mostly outside observer of the phenomena of social media I have noticed that most people I know are getting a steady stream of emotionally supercharged content from one of two distinct pools. Some people are seeing video after video of the police kicking people, throwing people to the ground, shooting people with “less-lethal” ammunition, slamming people with batons, and bull rushing and stomping on protestors, and the other group is getting a steady stream of young black men hitting store owners with 2x4s, shooting people at close range with fireworks or dancing in front of arson fires, or “protestors” in black bloc lighting police vehicles on fire, bashing in windows, burning bibles or assaulting people who dare to hold an American flag, etc. Talk about making a bad situation worse.


Well stated and I appreciate the exhortation to fathers. How important it is for us to address these things at a young age in our children in a world which tells them that they are entitled to anything and everything that their heart desires! Reading this made me dig up something I read in one of J.C. Ryle’s commentaries some time ago:

“We must labor to do good to our children even from their earliest years. If Satan begins so early to do them harm, we must not be far behind him in diligence to lead them to God. How soon in life a child becomes responsible and accountable, is a difficult question to solve. Perhaps far sooner than many of us suppose. One thing, at all events, is very clear: it is never too soon to strive and pray for the salvation of the souls of children – never too soon to speak to them as moral beings, and tell them of God, and Christ, and right, and wrong. The devil, we may be quite sure, loses no time in endeavoring to influence the minds of young people. He begins with them even ‘of a child.’ Let us work hard to counteract him. If young hearts can be filled by Satan, they can also be filled with the Spirit of God.”

J.C. Ryle. Expository Thoughts on the Gospels: Mark. Baker Book House: Grand Rapids, MI. Copyright: reprinted 2007. Page 182.


The forces of chaos have been very well-organized for this round of rioting. Their strategy is remarkably devious. They obviously want to play in the streets with the police, and are at an advantage when they do so.

However, these groups are funded by someone. There are organized crime laws that prohibit funding criminal activity. Perhaps perp-walking a few well-heeled Hollywood types or the heads of the various late robber barons’ foundations for funding these groups would get some attention.


What’s the solution? Is it to declare Martial Law in those cities where local law enforcement is overwhelmed? What should the governing authorities do in a situation where the enemy is organized and so devious while doing great harm to society?

We can pray for our governing authorities. While I’m not the biggest fan of our local government, I believe God can put in place a wise (shrewd?) servant to protect people, whether by outwitting protestors, using lawful force against them, or capitulating to certain demands.

I don’t know what those actions would be, myself, but I really believe we can pray for someone in authority to discern them and Lord willing, they will.

In our own spheres of authority, we can do what we can to make our neighborhoods feel hospitable to police, try to help neighbors live peacefully with each other so cars don’t have to be unnecessarily called, and not tax their resources with our bad driving. :slight_smile:


Local law enforcement is not overwhelmed anywhere in the US right now. Political leaders (mayors, city councils, police chiefs, DAs) have chosen to tolerate rioting, so that’s what they’ve gotten.

In cities where wrongdoers have been locked up and charged, the problems have stopped.


Meanwhile, in the same movement “silence is violence.”

I really can’t quit thinking about how crazy the whole thing is.