Missouri Presbytery's (PCA) Response to Revoice: If you don't have anything nice to say...

(Andrew Dionne) #1

New Warhorn Media post by Andrew Dionne:

(Timothy J. Hammons) #2

They are not only trying to define the terms, but set the narrative with their Overture. In the Overture, they assume the church has failed when it comes to the treatment of SSA people. That is not an assumption we should agree to.

(Valerie) #3

Prejudicial much? Yeesh. :roll_eyes:

(Ken Lamb) #4

So I’ve been thinking about this report and the Greg Johnson article in Christianity Today…does this mean that Greg Johnson, an openly gay man, is still ordained in the PCA without controversy? I didn’t read the whole report, but some of the language seemed to allude to Johnson’s coming out, and made no mention of any need to discipline him. Is he the first openly gay Teaching Elder in the PCA? Is this the new norm?

(Valerie) #5

He came out only about a week or so ago, so it remains to be seen where this will go.

(Andrew Dionne) #6

It may be that he is the first openly gay man to hold a teaching elder position in the PCA…but it will quickly be followed by many more, particularly, I would guess, in their campus ministry RUF. If you have read the report, it speaks with much praise of Greg Johnson, and, as far as I have read, has no problem with his admission.

(Ken Lamb) #7

Yes that was my thoughts exactly.