Missouri Presbytery's (PCA) Response to Revoice: a close reading (4)

(Tim Bayly) #1

New Warhorn Media post by Tim Bayly:

(Nathan Smith) #2

The close of this article - regarding the bona-fides of this committee - is truly astounding. Your comparison to the NEJM is spot-on.

Having one of these men as an attempt to explain the thinking if the Revoicers would be acceptable, especially if it was disclosed. But five of eight? And without explaining the “conflict of interest?” Inexcusable. It almost makes the entire report unworthy of reading.

I applaud “y’all’s” work. As an American Christian I feel like American Christianity is upside down. If we are ever to be righted we need phrophetic “Nathans” to proclaim, “You are the man.”

Though not a PCAer, I pray for them, the SBC and others of America’s churches, to call the law of the Lord good.

(Jay Tuck) #3

Couldn’t resist… but I have a LOT of patients dying from smoking and actually started recommending they consider vaping. Most of them cough too much for it to be helpful.

I have no conflicts of interest with the vaping industry to declare.

Sorry for the rabbit trail!!!