Missouri Presbytery Revoice Report: a close reading (Glossary of Terms)

New Warhorn Media post by Andrew Dionne:


Here’s where I’m stuck: what were the “Side B” characters hoping to accomplish by engaging with the “Side A” group?

The Side A group has not rejected man, but rejected God who gives His Holy Spirit to us (1 Thess 4:8). Was the Side B group calling the Side A group to repentance? By adopting language that makes it sound like they are two sides of a 45 rpm single record, it doesn’t sound that way. And everyone knows that the only people interested in the B side of a single are collectors and others who are interested in things otherwise lost to the mists of time, so why did the “Side B” group accept this framing at all? It feels a lot like being set up to be the controlled opposition.


A reminder that words do matter and when one abandons those meanings the result is a slippery slope which leads into more and more wickedness. I read around halfway and was sickened by the redefining of words.

Amazing this Presbytery wants to be supportive of Revoice, Side B Community and think it can also be Orthodox. That is like someone saying I agree with Marcionism, but saying they are a true Christian.